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Renato Lindmets

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Renato Lindmets
Sündinud:04-05-1984, Tapa


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Copysin siis selle intervjuu Cramo foorumist !!

What advice would you give to a young player to be able to succeed this to play out of their country
Work harder then anyone, failure is just a bump in the road, always believe even when it seems impossible

How many years of basketball practice
I started young around 10 or 11 years old playing for fun, around 16 is when I got more focused and started practicing daily so around 12 years of practice

What is the first team where you played
Terceira Basket was the first Pro team of my career

What memories from the first team
Winning the championship and making great friends

What memories from that Season ?
A lot of expectation, ups and downs throughout the season ofcourse, but the will to fight to the end and win

What is your golden season
My current season right now in Estonia

The most emotional moment in your career
Losing in the finals during my first season in Iceland

And the saddest
Breaking my foot in college

What is your favorite club?
In the nba it is the Miami Heat, in Europe that would have to be my current team Rakvere Tarvas

The best Trainer
Been blessed to have more then one great trainer to hard to pick

What memories of the Portuguese Teams where you played?
The joking around in the locker room and during team dinners are always great

What quality players had as opponents in Portugal ?
Marcel Momplasir, Pedro Silva, Daniel Monteiro, to name a few

What was your best game in Portugal ?
When I played for Terceira and against Lusitania

And your best trainer ?
Cant pick one had many great trainers

You guard in your memory any game situation that occurred in Portugal ?
Playing against Benfica and watching my teamate Ricky Franklin make jordan like shots to help us win the game

In what teams you played in Portugal ?
Terceira Basket, Lusitania

You won any trophy in your Career ?
Yes, Baltic cup, Estonian cup, CNB1 Championship

You have some friends in Portugal ?
Yes many

Which player surprised you most positively in your Career ?
Martin Dorbek

And the negative situation

A ridiculous situation that has passed in the field and you do not forget
During practice I was wide open for a layup and as I went to jump I some how tripped over nothing and fell down, the whole team was laughing including myself

The game you never forget
That would have to be in the summer pro am league in Hartfor CT, during the finals I got poked in the eye played less then 3 quarters yet finished with 48 points

On a personal level
Who are you
I am a young man that has been blessed to do what I love

What do you do when you are not playing
During season mostly resting and video games, offseason is mostly with friends at the beach and ofcourse summer leagues.

How was your youth
A lot of sports and a lot of fun with great friends

How do you imagine in old age
A lot of ice and painkillers

A dream
Play in the Euroleague

The perfect meal
Steak and potatoes

Dream trip
Tour around Europe with some close friends

A thought
Be the best that you can be

An idol
My grandfather

Fernando Borges
02 01 2013

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